Grab your stick, helmet and pads and come jump on the ice.

March 2017 Stick & Puck Schedule—–>March 2017 Stick and Puck Schedule

hockey pictures 003Stick & Pucks is like an “open gym” except designed for hockey players. It is a loosely supervised session that allows players to practice skating and puck handling.

There are limitations to what you can and can’t do on the ice, but if you’re just looking for some extra time to enhance your skills, Sticks and Pucks is the place to be.

Open to all ages. $12 per skater.

Rules and More Information

  • Each player must have their own helmet, skates, gloves and stick
  • Helmets MUST be worn at all times (helmets should be USA Hockey approved)
  • Full face shields are strongly recommended
  • There are to be no small/full ice games during stick & puck
  • Be aware of those around you when shooting/skating for a puck
  • Fighting and horseplay are not tolerated
  • Goalies play for FREE
  • Pond Instructors use the ice for FREE. All other coaches pay for ice time.



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