Developmental Hockey

It’s all about the skills and drills!  

Overview of Program

  • Skills are Saturdays from 8:40-9:40am
  • Professional Coaching
  • Our circuit set up focuses on hockey drills as well as instruction and refinement of crucial skating skills.
  • Our Professional Skating Certified Instructors use USA Hockey’s American Development Model.
  • Skills curriculum focus on crossovers, backward skating, stops etc.
  • The drills will then focus on game play instruction helping your skater understand the game of position hockey.
  • The curriculum follows USA Hockey’s American Development Model.
  • Combining skills/edge work/puck handling/passing/shooting is the focus for Saturdays.

Session Information

2017- 2018 Developmental Hockey Registration

Two Ways to Sign Up:

1. To print, complete and mail your registration with your payment, click here: The Pond Programs Registration Form

2. To use our online Registration Form and pay by Paypal, click here.

Please Note: The Pond will pro-rate lessons for new/incoming skaters. Refunds are not normally provided, but are handled on a case by case basis, in case of an emergency.