Private Instruction

Private Ice Skating Instruction                                                click to download / print —>Private-Ice-Skating-lnstruction.pdf

If you’re interested in learning to ice skate for enjoyment and recreation or if you want to develop the skating skills to become a figure skater or hockey player, ice skating instruction is for you.

Private instruction is provided exclusively by qualified instructors approved by The Pond. Instructors are experienced professionals that offer all levels of instruction based on their experience and your personal goals.

Lessons are offered from beginner through advanced levels for recreational ice skating, figure skating and Beginning hockey skills.

To schedule a private lesson refer to the list of instructors posted and contact the instructor directly. Instructors set up their own lesson schedules based on availability. The Pond is not responsible for instructor’s private lesson schedule.

Please read the following before contacting the instructor of your choice so you have a total understanding of policies and procedures. Additional questions in regards to private ice skating instruction or other skating programs may be directed to Elisa Nash at 440 543-3884 or


Beginning Skating Skills: Skaters learn the fundamentals of ice skating including the proper way to fall and get up, forward and backward skating, stopping, turns and crossovers. This prepares skaters for more advanced techniques in figure skating or hockey.  This is also a great way to quickly advance as a supplement to our Learn to Skate Programs.

Figure Skating: Skaters learn more advanced skills such as jumps, spin and footwork. Basic Skills competitors will also benefit from private lessons to prepare for competitions.

Hockey Skills: Skaters learn the beginning skating sills necessary to advance to more advanced hockey levels as well as a constant refining of technique. Shooting, Passing, Power Skating etc.


Private instruction fees range from $15 for 30mins. (Jr. Pros) to $35 for 30 mins. Fees are determined by individual instructors according to industry standards, individual accomplishments and years of teaching experience. PLEASE NOTE: ICE SESSION AND SKATE RENTAL FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR INSTRUCTIONAL FEE. THESE FEES MUST BE PAID DIRECTLY TO OUR TICKET COUNTER AFTER YOU SIGN IN AND BEFORE USING THE ICE.  INSTRUCTIONAL FEES ARE PAID DIRECTLY TO INSTRUCTOR.


Full Time Staff Coach: Full-time coaches are devoted to coaching as their career. The spend their on and off the ice managing their students skating path for testing competitions and off ice training.

Part Time Coaches: Part-time coaches are accomplished skaters who are in college or have just chosen skating as a secondary career choice.

Junior Coaches: 14 years old or better and have taken our Jr. Coaching Teaching 2 B Teachers Program. Jr. Coaches are accomplished skaters who are limited in their coaching time due to their school schedules and are still actively training as skaters.  Great for Birthday Party Instructors!


  • All private lesson instructors posted are Pond Approved.
  • Skaters or parents please contact the instructor directly for availability. When picking your instructor please ask questions to be sure your selection is a good fit for your child.  Know the coaches policies on cancellations, exchange contact information and matching your child’s goals with the coach.  Most importantly “The best Coach is the one your child enjoys!”
  • Skaters receiving private instruction must sign in and pay the appropriate ice fee and skate rental fee before using the ice.  The instructor is paid directly and are separate from ice session and skate rental fees.
  • Private lessons may be given during Public skating sessions, Freestyle Time, Stick and Puck as well as ½ Hockey& ½ Figure Sessions. Please check at the ticket counter for ice time pricing.