Saturday Morning Hockey Programs

Saturday AM Hockey Programs

Tot & Starter Hockey 8:15-9:00 AM is for players with little skating or hockey experience. Prerequisite is LTS Basic 1 or Tot LTS Hockey. Practices will introduce hockey skating skills, puck handling, passing and shooting. Full equipment is required.

Developmental Hockey 9:00-9:45 is designed for the hockey player completing the Starter Hockey Program. USA Hockey ADM curriculum will focus on skating, stick handling, passing, and shooting. Small area games and competitions will help the hockey players gain knowledge of the game along with creating a fun competitive atmosphere. Sunday @ 11:30 Justice League is the perfect add on program to use hockey skills in a game environment.

Power Skating 9:00-9:45 is designed for the hockey player who is currently playing ice hockey with a team or looking to improve their skating technique and skills. Practices will work on the players’ quickness, transitions, crossovers, tight turns, backwards skating, proper technique, and edge work. Our goal is to create good habits and proper technique, so the players are constantly improving throughout the season.

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